Staying safe during summer

  • Published
  • 23rd Wing Casualty Assistance Office

Good times and good weather are here. Many service members will be traveling, camping, visiting family and other summertime activities. 

Did you know if any active-duty member’s activities end in an accident or injury requiring in-patient care at a hospital that they could get assistance through the Air Force Emergency Family Member Travel (EFMT) program.

The Air Force may be able to help with EFMT to the bedside and monetary benefits for an extended stay away from home!

The Air Force provides one-time round-trip transportation to travel to the medical facility of an eligible Air Force Member who is hospitalized and is placed in a Very Serious Ill/Injured or Serious Ill/Injured casualty status.

Please be Safe over the Summer! For more details or questions please contact your local CAR office at 229-257-3265.