Maintaining Record of Emergency Data

  • Published
  • 23rd Wing Casualty Assistance Office

There are three phrases that every human being should know: “Are you Okay?” “I’m Sorry.” “How can I assist you and/or family?”

Adversity affects us all in some way during our lives. It is important to recognize an Airmen in need and provide them the comfort and support to sooth the process.

At different times during your loved one’s military career, they were given opportunities to make choices regarding notification of next of kin, payment of death gratuity, unpaid pay and allowances and disposition of remains in the event they become a casualty. 

The Department of Defense Form 93, “Record of Emergency Data,” provides this information. 

The Department of Defense is required to follow applicable laws and the instructions of your loved one about these benefits and entitlements. Therefore, it is important to make sure the DD Form 93 is current and accurate. 

Please contact the Moody Casualty Office at 229-257-3265 or 229-257-3333 if you have any questions.