Ready Tiger 24-1 showcases airpower projection at dispersed locations

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Devin Boyer
  • 23rd Wing Public Affairs

The 23rd Wing conducted a comprehensive exercise aimed at demonstrating its prowess in planning, preparing, and executing operations and maintenance to project airpower in contested and dispersed locations, April 8-18, 2024.

Coined Ready Tiger 24-1, the exercise underscores the Air Force's commitment to defending the United States' interests and those of its allies amidst evolving threats and challenges.

"This exercise was a great opportunity to assess our capabilities and validate our effectiveness when challenged by conditions we don’t face every day," said Col. Paul Sheets, 23rd Wing commander. “It allowed us to deliver combat air power in scenarios where communication might be limited, while deploying teams to forward operating sites (FOS) and contingency locations (CL) for rapid refueling and rearming of aircraft; it was a practical test of our operational efficiency.”

One of the key focus areas of the exercise was base defense. Security Forces Airmen demonstrated their proficiency in safeguarding vital assets and personnel, ensuring the integrity of operational installations even in hostile environments.

The concept of Multi-Capable Airmen (MCA) was also put to the test during the exercise. Airmen showcased their ability to adapt and excel in diverse roles, supporting various aspects of operations beyond their primary specialties. An example of this was when the 23rd Security Forces Squadron augmented personnel from other career fields to provide base defense and aircraft security during hot-pit refueling and integrated combat turns, highlighting the Air Force's capability to maintain aircraft readiness and sustain operations in dynamic environments.

“With a focus on readiness and operational effectiveness, the 23d Wing demonstrated its commitment to maintaining a robust and agile force capable of responding to a diverse range of challenges and contingencies,” said Master Sgt. Katrina Ware, 23rd Wing Inspector General superintendent.

In addition to operational capabilities, the exercise tested support functions critical for mission success. Logistics, communications, and medical support teams demonstrated their ability to provide essential services in challenging and austere environments.

“The 23d Wing dedicated its efforts to enhancing its capacity to generate, sustain, and effectively deploy Lead-Wing capabilities,” Ware said. “Through rigorous training and strategic planning, the wing prioritized the development of skills and resources necessary to fulfill its mission requirements.”

Overall, the exercise served as a testament to the 23rd Wing's commitment to readiness and excellence. By honing their skills and testing their capabilities in realistic scenarios, the Wing reaffirmed its ability to project air power effectively in contested and dispersed locations, thereby upholding the United States' interests and strengthening alliances with partner nations.

“I am impressed with the improvements from Mosaic Tiger in our ability to tackle challenges head-on and find solutions through collaborative efforts across our wing and dispersed locations,” Sheets added. “It is a testament to the Flying Tiger’s spirit, our collective grit, and determination to get the job done, no matter the obstacles. Overall, the Airmen's performance in Exercise Ready Tiger 24-1 demonstrated their readiness and proficiency in meeting operational objectives under challenging circumstances – proving the 23rd Wing is ready to Attack, Rescue, and Prevail!"