MPOY recognizes top maintainers

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Whitney Gillespie

 Members of Team Moody gathered to recognize Airmen for their achievements at the Maintenance Professional of the Year awards banquet at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia, March 15, 2024.

MPOY is an annual event that highlights maintenance Airmen’s accomplishments and the impact their daily duties have on the mission.

“We say maintenance professional of the year because these Airmen truly are professionals in what they do,” said Col. Bobby Buckner, 23rd Maintenance Group commander. “These Airmen have deployed, worked hard and have gone beyond what’s expected of them in the different fields of work. These are the people who put service before self – it’s the hours, it’s the time on the flight line, it’s how they stepped up and really went above and beyond what is asked of them.”

Overall, 37 awards recognized maintenance Airmen or groups of maintenance Airmen in categories ranging from Munitions Load Team of the Year to Maintenance Professional of the Year.

“No matter what the rank, I am very fortunate that I have a group of Airmen and maintainers that constantly make this mission happen,” Buckner said. “Recognizing the Airmen as a commander, that is the best thing you can do because they work so hard and put in so much time and energy
into it.”

The MPOY and similar awards ceremonies serve as a reminder to Airmen across all ranks, from the highest to the lowest, that their contributions are meaningful and worthy of recognition. These ceremonies inspire them to persist in their outstanding efforts.

“I aim to deliver my best performance every day, and having it acknowledged is very appreciated,” said Senior Airman Jacob Gillespie, Airmen-level Maintenance Professional of the Year nominee. “It was an honor to even be considered for the overall award – winning at the
squadron level was an accomplishment all on its own.”

MPOY winners for 2024 are listed below:
Outstanding Aircraft Armament Award:
Technician: Senior Airman Jada Walker, 74 FGS
Supervisor: Tech. Sgt. Brent Brocklehurst, 41 RGS
Manager: Senior Master Sgt. Brian Gates, 75 FGS

Outstanding Munitions Award:
Technician: Senior Airman Benicia Burnette, 23 MUNS
Supervisor: Tech. Sgt. Bryan Gibree, 23 MUNS
Manager: Master Sgt. Troy Harlow, 23d MUNS

Analysis of the Year
Airman: Senior Airman Michael Nelson, 23 Maintenance Operations Flight

Scheduler of the Year:
Airman: Senior Airman Jacob Guerra
NCO: Staff Sgt. Brandi Black

Unit Training Manager of the Year:
Staff Sgt. Chris Wilmot

Instructor of the Year:
Staff Sgt. Stephen Moss

Maintenance Training Section Chief of the Year:
Master Sgt. Erin Micochero

CMSgt Thomas N. Barnes Crew Chief of the Year:
Staff Sgt. Matthew Stewart, 41 RGS

Load Crew of the Year:
Staff Sgt. David Walker
Airman 1st Class Hannah Summers
Senior Airman Marian Howell

General Leo Marquez Aircraft Maintenance
Airman: Senior Airman Zachary Haverlah, 71 RGS
NCO: Tech Sgt. Kevin Kutemeyer, 41 RGS
SNCO: Master Sgt. Jonathan Hallford, 41 RGS
CGO: Capt. Briya Tichenor-Jones, 74 FGS
FGO: Maj. Patrick Britton

General Leo Marquez Munitions and Missile Maintenance
Airman: Senior Airman Reese Deandrea, 23 Maintenance Operations Flight
NCO: Staff Sgt. Marshall Sutton, 74 FGS
SNCO: Senior Master Sgt. Brian Gates, 75th FGS
CGO: Capt. Christopher Drake

General Lew Allen
SNCO: Master Sgt. John Hoffman, 41 RGS
CGO: Capt. Daniel Incorvaia, 74 FGS

Maintenance Support Professional of the Year
Airman: Senior Airman Brent Scheib, 23 MUNS
NCO: Tech Sgt. Autumn Windsor, 23 MXS
SNCO: Senior Master Sgt. Joseph Ramsey, 75 FGS
CGO: Capt. Christopher Drake, 23 MUNS

Maintenance Professional of the Year
Airman: Senior Airman Chandler Long, 41 RGS
NCO: Tech Sgt. Brian Kolk, 23 MXS
SNCO: Master Sgt. Elmore Norwood III, 23 MXS
CGO: Capt. Tyler Shumard, 75 FGS
FGO: Maj. Tyler Gibson, 75 FGS