23 FSS sweeps ACC awards

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Whitney Gillespie

The 23rd Force Support Squadron received Air Combat Command’s 2024 Maj. Gen. Eugene L. Eubank award as the best, large installation-level FSS.

The prestigious installation-level award is named in honor of Maj. Gen. Eubank, who recognized the importance of morale and welfare for America’s fighting forces to further the overall Air Force mission.

“What this award recognizes is the impact the Force Support Squadron was able to have on supporting the force, preparing the force and strengthening the families of Moody Air Force Base,” said Col. John McCormick, 23rd FSS commander. “Winning the large team award really highlighted the hard work and dedication of the 23rd FSS team.”

The 23rd FSS also received the Child and Youth services program flight of the year and the Gen. Michael P.C. Carns award, won by Capt. Amber Laub.

“As a flight, I can say that receiving this award was a delightful surprise and validating experience, especially for our frontline direct care staff, who truly deserve the recognition,” said Heather Sheppard, director of Moody Youth Programs. “Our team excels in handling stress and embraces creative risks to ensure our families have the best possible experience.”

Recognition for this award stems from successes within the squadron promoting morale throughout the 23rd wing with a variety of events, from feeding Moody Airmen, to assisting families by ensuring the Child Development Center remains open, to name a few.

“What we’re doing with childcare and the youth program is a critical function from a mission readiness standpoint,” McCormick said. “Because without childcare, everything can shut down – Moody families are taken care of when they need to TDY, go to an exercise or deploy when the time comes.”

Together, McCormick and his team paint a comprehensive picture of FSS's commitment, where each element, from childcare to various operational functions, play a crucial part in accomplishing the squadron's mission.

“I have been humbly given the ability to be the enlisted leader for FSS,” said Chief Master Sgt. Kathleen Knisley, 23rd FSS senior enlisted leader. “Every day, I get to see the passion and the dedication that these Airmen come to work with, from the cooks to the fitness center, they are all excited about what they do, it doesn't falter or change. I know my team is killing it every day, all the time whether you see it or not. We touch every part of this base and I am extremely proud of every Airmen who helps accomplish the mission.”

Just as Knisley expressed gratitude and praise for the dedication of every Airman in the squadron, McCormick echoed a similar sentiment of pride and confidence in his team.

“This award validates every expectation I had walking in,” McCormick said. “I came into a job blessed and confident that I had a team that was absolutely going to be able to execute the mission … the team rose to every challenge that was in front of them.”