Emerge, Leadership Moody cultivates strong leaders

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Deanna Muir

The eighth iteration of Emerge Moody and Leadership Moody courses kicked off at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia, Jan. 12, 2024. The programs, held annually from January to June, includes participants from the 23rd Wing and the 93rd Air Ground Operations Wing.

Fifty Airmen from a variety of career fields across Team Moody will spend the next six months developing fresh perspectives, honing their leadership skills and learning more about the base and local community.

“Investing in the next generation of leaders fosters new ideas, addresses evolving challenges and ensures a capable workforce,” said Jeff Ley, Leadership and Emerge Moody program director. “Each of these programs provide exposure to different ideas and perspectives for Team Moody Airmen and can really impact and solidify their own understanding of leadership.”

Although each of these courses have a similar overarching goal, they offer different connections and learning opportunities in alignment with the participants current role and responsibilities within their organization.

The LM course is designed to connect senior leaders, ranking from master sergeant to chief master sergeant, field grade officers and GS-11 civilians and up, with the local community to grow partnerships and share ideas. Senior leaders can gain non-military perspectives and insight into successful leadership styles within the community, which they can implement or share with their peers.

“The intent is to expose leaders to something outside of the military and learn how different organizations operate,” Ley said. “We found we are all dealing with similar challenges and the community is learning just as much from us as we do from them.”

The EM course, while similar to LM, is built for emerging Air Force leaders ranking from senior airman to technical sergeant, company grade officers and GS-06 to GS-10 civillians. This class interacts with various groups across the base, gaining insights into how other units approach and overcome challenges. It also broadens their perspective, helping them understand their role and contribution to the mission's larger picture.

“Everyone has a different perspective of looking at things - my goal with Emerge Moody is to be able to pick up unique ways of leading Airmen since they respond to leadership differently,” said Tech. Sgt. Keontoria Stephens, EM student.

Not only are participants able to explore how different units operate, but they are also able to see how the other wing operates.

Witnessing the operations, leadership opportunities, and personnel management of each wing empowers EM students to gain diverse perspectives, enriching their own wing's outlook, Stephens explained.

At the end of the day, Airmen’s eyes are opened to life outside their realm, allowing for growth within themselves and their unit, with the understanding that many are facing the same kinds of problems which can be approached in more than one way as a leader.

“We’re investing in the next generation constantly so when they come up through the ranks, it just keeps going,” Ley said.

Every November, applications open for submission, and Ley urges Airmen to apply, contributing to what he considers the premiere leadership program of the base.