Moody Airmen serve our military kids

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Courtney Sebastianelli
  • 23rd Wing Public Affairs

Being a military child comes with it’s own set of challenges, when mission demands require parents to pack up and leave, it becomes even more challenging. In order to ease the hardship the children may feel, Airmen from Moody Air Force Base have spent the first half of the school year participating in Dewar Deployment Breakfast Club, ensuring kids know they’re not alone during their difficult times. 

The Dewar Deployment Breakfast Club encourages Airmen from Moody to dedicate time each month to join students for breakfast who have military parents preparing to deploy, currently deployed or away on temporary duty assignment (TDY). 

“The breakfast club is important to these students because it reminds them, they are not alone,” said Shelley Smith, Dewar Elementary School Military and Family Life Counselor. “They get the opportunity to spend time with Airmen, reminding them that while their parents are away, they still have support from the base, as well as other students who understand what they are going through.”

Smith went on to explain some of the unique challenges students face while their parents are deployed.

“Loss of communication, not knowing where their parent is, not having a set date of return and changes in routine are just a few of the challenges the students face,” she said. “It’s important that we make sure they don’t feel forgotten while their parents are deployed and that we provide additional support, grace and love for them.”

The monthly breakfast isn’t just for serving food and having conversation – the program also offers support through opportunities to participate in creative activities, giving the children some quality time they may be missing out on. 

“Coming to the breakfast club is important,” said 1 st Lt. Ruby Webb, 347th Operations Support Squadron mission planning officer in charge. “I think it shows solidarity, that we understand the importance of being here especially during the holidays when the parents are not able to be. We want them to know Moody is a family and we want to be here for their children when they can’t be and show that solidarity and support.”

While support for the students is the focus, Airmen also benefit from volunteering in the breakfast club, Webb shared.

“The time we spend here means a lot to these kids,” she said. “I also think these mornings are just as beneficial for us too. It’s important for Airmen to see this part of the military lifestyle and give back as much as possible.”