Moody 2023 Fire Prevention Week

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  • 23rd Wing Public Affairs

The Airmen of the 23rd Civil Engineer Squadron Fire Department set Fire Prevention Week ablaze with the annual signing of the fire proclamation by U.S. Air Force Col. Paul Sheets, 23rd Wing commander, followed by various events held on Oct. 9 – Oct. 13, 2023.

Every year, nationwide, fire prevention is held during the week of Oct. 9 in commemoration of the Great Chicago fire of 1871. During this week of recognition and education, organizations from around Moody and the 23 CES Fire Department engage with the community through different activities and various demonstrations to help promote fire safety to Airmen and their families.

“This year's theme of Fire Prevention Week is educating people on the destructive potential of improper cooking safety,” said Eric Mortensen, 23rd Wing deputy fire chief. “Whether it's barbecues, gas stoves, candles, or fireplaces; fire is a part of our daily routine; because it is so routine, I believe it's what causes us to overlook our common safety precautions.”

People are advised to always remain in the kitchen while food is being cooked, set appropriate timers, and turn pot or pan handles inward to face the back of the stove. It’s also recommended to keep children three feet away from hot food and active appliances.

In the past year the Moody Fire Department has seen an increase of cooking incidents they hope to help curb moving into the new year, especially as the holidays approach.

“Each year, around Thanksgiving, we emphasize the importance of safety when using turkey fryers, as it remains a significant concern.” said Christopher Greene, 23rd Wing assistant fire chief of fire prevention. “We've also encountered a few incidents where individuals failed to properly throw away their still hot charcoal after cookouts. Not only did that smoke up some trash cans but it created a risk for the surrounding area.”

The Moody Air Force Base Fire Department aimed to reach various areas of the installation as well as the off-base communities and surrounding local area, targeting all age ranges.

Potholder oven mitts, oven racks, toys for kids and coloring books were handed out across the installation at multiple locations. The Fire Department also visited Hahira elementary school and even hosted a fire week art contest at the moody youth center, helping educate kids on the importance of cooking safety.

“We work our hardest to reach our community and everybody that lives in it.” Mortensen said. “Through hard work, we educate people of all ages about the proper safety measures to prevent fires while also giving out gifts and enjoyment.”

Airmen and all Moody personnel are reminded that when they’re facing a fire emergency, it's highly recommended to dial 911. Even if the situation appears minor; prioritizing safety is wiser than regret.

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