Airmen search for financial peace

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  • 23rd Wing

The sixth Financial Peace University course at Moody Air Force Base, Georgia, began classes Sept. 7, 2023 thanks to the base chapel.

FPU is a nine-week course that takes place every Wednesday in the chapel from 11:10 a.m-12:50 p.m., and Airmen and civilians attend to acquire tools for wealth building and debt management.

“The goal of the course is that all attendees graduate feeling confident about how to make smart money decisions,” said Maj. Andy Peck, 23rd Wing deputy chaplain and FPU facilitator. “Another goal is that throughout the course, attendees start living on a budget, paying off debt and saving for their emergency fund. The average FPU graduate pays off $5,300 in debt and saves $2,700 within 90 days of starting the course. Moody FPU graduates have paid off close to $250,000 and saved $120,000 in the last year.”

The FPU course currently boasts a record of 61 people attending, which is the largest number of people participating in one session.

“We used to cap enrollment at 20 per class,” Peck said. “But with 120 attendees over the past year, Airmen and civilians are sharing about the positive results of the course with their wingmen, and we usually fill up within one week of announcing each course.”

FPU features previous graduates who return to share their testimony on what the course helped them achieve.

“I was a participant of the Fall ‘22 Financial Peace University class,” said Master Sgt. Angeline Brown, 23rd Security Forces squadron noncommissioned officer in charge of plans and programs. “My biggest takeaway from the course was to trust the process. With the instruction from this course, I was able to pay off $7,000 in credit card debt and close 4 credit card accounts. I’m also able to invest more money into my (Thrift Savings Plan) monthly due to clearing my debt.”

Financial issues can cause stress in people's lives, impact their ability to work, and affect relationships and their deployment readiness. FPU is highly suggested from those who attended, to all Moody members to help keep them from making bad financial decisions.

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking for the ’blueprint’ to get out of debt,” Brown said. “You can also have your spouse attend the course with you at no cost. After I graduated, I endorsed the course throughout my unit, helping my Airmen come up with budgets and strong financial plans.”

The expectation is that the course will continue to expand and help make a positive impact on the lives at Moody.

“I appreciate the commanders and supervisors who have supported their members attending the course,” said Peck. “This is an investment in their well-being that will pay dividends years into the future. We hope to start another course in early 2024.”

To remain informed about sign ups for the next course, keep an eye on the Moody Chapel's Facebook page for updates.