Total Force Development Team enacts change

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Whitney Gillespie

With its unique culture of innovation, Moody continues to accelerate change through the Total Force Development Team to create opportunities for base agencies and private organizations.

This group allows these agencies to cross talk and synergize their efforts in creating a diverse and inclusive culture while addressing issues that impact Moody Airmen.

“The great thing about the TFDT is all the perspectives you get,” said Senior Master Sgt. Steven Haro, 23rd Operations Support squadron senior enlisted leader. “You look around the room at these meetings and you have A1C’s, NCO’s, you have Chiefs and CGO’s. Everyone's there for the same reason, to help.”

Aligned with 23rd Wing command chief’s Chief Master Sgt. Justin Geer’s vision, the TFDT was reinstated this past May after a short hiatus.

“The goal here is to create opportunities for private organizations and base agencies to communicate with one another,” said Master Sgt. Tony Johnson, 23d Force Support Squadron readiness noncommissioned officer in charge. “We are there as a vehicle to bring everyone together on one accord to navigate and tackle the needs of our base.”

TFDT meetings have been a great sounding board to get to the root of some of the issues affecting Moody.

“Our meetings really give you that face to face interaction,” Haro said. “You aren’t hearing these issues from a comment card, through a DEOCS survey, you are getting these perspectives in person.”

The ultimate goal is to make the Moody experience better for any member who gets assigned here, explained Haro.

“You have all these different groups across base with all these different mission subsets and you’re trying to figure out what makes Moody tick,” Haro said. “When it comes to all the different Airmen at all different levels, they each have a different passion that they want to be involved in, so we take that energy and trap it to try and make a difference here at Moody through conversation and action.”

The TFDT opens the floor to receive information from Capitol Hill by way of the Air Force Sergeants Association, bringing a broad spectrum of knowledge presented amongst the 24 base organizations which spreads across Moody.

“I want TFDT to be the driving force for all things impactful here on Moody as well as within the local community, with teamwork as the principal pillar for all our success,” Johnson said. “The strength of TFDT is each individual organization. The strength of each individual organization is the TFDT.”