Moody welcomes newest SNCOs

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  • 23rd Wing PA

New Senior Noncommissioned Officers were acquainted with their new responsibilities during a Professional Enhancement Seminar from August 14-18, 2023.

During the seminar the Senior NCO’s attended leadership philosophy briefs, administration panels, chief panels and a classified brief from the 23rd Wing Command Team.

“The course has changed from when I attended back in 2017,” said Master Sgt. Derek Longshore, 23rd Wing career development advisor. “In the seminar now you're getting two extra days of instruction, mentorship and development. As the course progresses you naturally become at ease and comfortable with those around you, enabling cohesive connections and positive network building.”

In the past the Senior NCO PES was three days long, but in recent years, it was lengthened to cover an entire work week in order to provide new leadership skills and help create a stronger connection for the newly appointed senior enlistees.

“We try to provide as many tools as we can to newly selected Master Sergeants,” Longshore said. “We try to provide any kind of professional development we can to prepare them and get them ready to be the Senior NCO that the Air Force needs them to be, the senior NCO that their squadron needs, their mission needs, and of course, our airmen need as well.”

Attaining the rank of Master Sergeant comes with new duties and responsibilities, marking a huge milestone in an Airmen's career.

“Making it this far in my career leaves me thankful and more importantly excited,” said Master Sgt. Bambi White, 23rd Security Forces Squadron noncommissioned officer in charge of investigations. “I now have another seat for change and growth available to me. The “if it's not broken don't fix it” mindset doesn't cut it anymore and I'm excited to be in a position to help make that change.”

After learning new skills and networking with her peers, White says she hopes that the new Senior NCO’s maintain a strong bond and lead in a unified manner.

Embracing a new leadership position also means assuming the important responsibility of caring for a larger group of Airmen. Their decisions will be responsible for shaping their Airmen’s future and the future of the Air Force.

“After this course I would hope that the new Master Sergeants understand the value of what they will be bringing to the table,” Longshore said. “Who they are impacts a huge network of Airmen, their families, their day to day, as well as their overall health and well-being via fiscal health or mental health. Ultimately, I want them to enjoy the new responsibility and help shape the Air Force into what we are constantly striving to be.”

After the seminar, the Airmen celebrated their promotion at the Senior NCO Induction Ceremony.