Local planners tour Moody

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Team Moody hosted Lowndes county community planners for a tour, March 22, 2023, providing a glimpse into the hard work being accomplished every day.

Moody's Civil Engineering Squadron worked closely with civilian planners from the local area, cementing a sturdy relationship.

“Collaboration with the local planning and zoning personnel ensures that communities promote the right kind of growth around the installation without jeopardizing the health and safety of citizens or the installation's mission,” said Kristen Varney, 23rd CES community planner.

Moody’s CES spent the day escorting five local planners around the base and showing them a few of the key elements keeping the installation running.

“Having a hands-on understanding of the day-to-day operations of Moody Air Force Base truly emphasized how crucial our relationship is with those who play a vital role in our national defense,” said JD Dillard, Lowndes County community planner.

The base supports a large percentage of the local economy, so fostering and strengthening those relationships is important to continue the mutually beneficial partnership.

“I hope our guests came away with a better understanding of Moody’s mission and how vital their role is in protecting the installation's operational capabilities,” Varney said.

The relationship between Moody and the community that surrounds it, is a crucial part of the economy, she explained.

“It’s a mutually beneficial relationship,” Varney stated. “Moody injects around $557 million into the local economies each year, while the community partners help ensure that Moody’s operation capabilities are protected.”

The local planners were escorted through several areas of the base by Airmen in different career fields, enabling them to connect with one another, ultimately building better connections with Moody and the local community.

“Moody brings people from all over the world to South Georgia, to live and work and play,” Dillard said. “They’re a tremendous economic driver for the local economy, and integral to the growth and success of Lowndes County. When we consider infrastructure projects, residential and commercial developments, and quality of life initiatives, we’re always mindful of how it might impact Moody, both directly and indirectly.”

While Moody relies heavily on the community to provide support for Airmen, the community also relies heavily on the base for economic growth.

“If we are to continue to prosper through our investments and protection of Moody, we must maintain the strong relationship with the base leadership in all our planning efforts,” Dillard added.