Team Moody receives new Area Defense Counsel

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  • 23rd Wing Public Affairs
Capt. Branka Damjanovic became the newest Area Defense Counsel for Moody Air Force Base, Sept 26, 2022.

The ADC assists Airmen with a wide variety of adverse actions, including letters of reprimand, Article 15s, referral performance reports, re-enlistment denials, involuntary discharges, flying evaluation boards and courts-martial charges. Moody’s ADC office is a tenant unit with only two members assigned to it: Capt. Damjanovic and Tech. Sgt. Lauren DeBolt.

“We are here to make sure Airmen know their rights and all their options when facing any adverse actions,” Damjanovic said. “Any conversations with our office are totally confidential. We are here to help navigate through arguably the most stressful thing that’s going on for any of our clients.”

For that reason, Damjanovic and DeBolt have made it a priority to meet with base partners to ensure open lines of communication with their office throughout any adverse actions.

“I have noticed that people really want things to be resolved quickly rather than waiting in anticipation,” Damjanovic said.

That insight has provided a different perspective on metrics and guidelines established by the Air Force for adverse actions and investigations, which are also required to be discussed quarterly with commanders.

“I better understand now that those standards exist to care for Airmen, to make sure something doesn’t hang over their heads for too long.”

The quality of the representation relies extensively on how forthcoming clients are. The chain of command for the ADC is separate from any unit on the base, to give Airmen more confidence in utilizing services and being able to discuss sensitive matters freely.

“The most important thing is to be completely honest with us so we can figure out the best way forward,” DeBolt explained. “The next most important thing is to not talk about your case with anyone else, especially if there is an ongoing investigation.”

Having just held the role of Chief of Military Justice at the 23rd Wing legal office, Damjanovic is familiar with the processes that go into investigating and prosecuting cases. She recognizes that investigations can be a stressful experience, therefore all clients are provided with a list of resources such as the chaplain, mental health, military and family life counseling, Military One Source and the ADC.

Moody’s ADC office is located across the street from the Express in Bldg. 718. Airmen are encouraged to call 229-257-3421 for an appointment as soon as they are aware of any adverse actions. For emergency after-hours assistance, the ADC can be reached through the command post at 229-257-3501.