CSP Finance update

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  • By 23rd Comptroller Squadron
  • 23rd Wing Public Affairs

To better aid and increase service to their customers, the 23rd Comptroller Squadron Financial Operations flight continues to encourage the use of an online service that makes tracking the progress of inquires simple.


This year alone, the 23rd CPTS has processed over 5,000 inquiries at Moody Air Force Base using the comptroller services portal.


The CSP provides a more streamlined and accessible financial services for any Finance inquiries; you don’t need a Command Access Card or government computer to receive financial guidance. 


For Finance in-processing, supervisors and sponsors need to remind their in-bounds to get with their Command Support Staff to start in-processing as soon as possible. The CSS will email a Microsoft Office worksheet with instructions on how to fill it out. Once those forms are completed, the member is cleared to sign-up for an in-processing brief to complete the rest of the forms.


While you can utilize the portal for in-processing, the 23rd CPTS explains it’s important that new members to the base don’t skip or delay their in-processing, as the incorrect entitlement rates will continue to flow and generate a debt. The sooner they in-process, the less they will have to deal with once they are fully operational in their respective units.


If you don’t have access to a government computer, simply request your CSS email needed files to your personal email address – the only requirement is that you have access to Microsoft Office and a functional printer.


For Finance inquiries, please allow for a one to three business-day response.


For “us.af.mil” users, please utilize the CSP to continue submitting your Finance inquiries at all hours.
Please follow the link, https://usaf.dps.mil/teams/SAFFMCSP/portal/SitePages/CreateInquiry.aspx, or press the flying dollar bill icon on your government desktop.


Users will be directed to the CSP unless they specify they’re unable to access the portal due to not having a government computer or a secure internet connection.


For “mail.mil” users, please email the moody.finance@us.af.mil org box to continue submitting your inquiries to Finance at all hours.


The 23rd CPTS Financial Operations flight wants to thank its customers for all of their support as they work through these new service changes and adjustments.