23rd Wing leadership hosts Discord town hall

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Thomas Johns
  • 23rd Wing Public Affairs

Video games, deployment cycles and the Lead Wing concept were addressed during the 23rd Wing hosted Commander’s “Ask me Anything” Town Hall through the chatting application Discord on March 22, 2022. Col. Russ Cook, 23rd Wing commander, was joined by Col. Ryan Hayde, 23rd Wing vice commander, and Chief Master Sgt. Jimmy Wilfong, 23rd Wing command chief, for the live event where they fielded questions from Flying Tigers across the wing.

Below its a list of the top questions and answers from the AMA session:

1. What do we need to tell Airmen and their families about what’s coming up in October?

a. Approximately a quarter of the combat capability on Moody AFB will be prepared to deploy on 1 Oct. as part of either Lead Wing or the new Air Force Force Generation (AFFORGEN) plan. Airmen who are not already notified will be notified by May. From May through September our focus will be to train and equip our Airmen and families so they are ready to deploy if called upon. Commanders have discretion to make adjustments as able for consideration of PCS cycles, family care plans, professional military education, and any other specific needs.

2. How are P-bands affected by IOC? What’s the difference?

a. We are in the middle of transition between the old method of P-Band deployments and the new Air Force Force Generation cycle. While this transition period will put increased requirements on the wing, moving to the deliberate and predictable AFFORGEN cycle will allow commanders and Airmen more flexibility in the future.

3. Can you tell us what to expect from Agile Flag?

a. AGILE FLAG will test the 23 WGs capability to deploy command and control as well as force support components capable of conducting simultaneous operations from multiple locations. The exercise will be conducted across the southeast United States. It will also test our Attack and Rescue force element capabilities with partners from the 93 AGOW and 20th FW. This exercise will be larger than the MOSAIC and READY TIGER series we have conducted previously to get ready. All of our Airmen getting ready for 1 October will be involved in the exercise as well as some additional personnel for exercise support. The end result is 23 WGs certification by 15 AF as a Lead Wing.

4. Do you anticipate us getting to where we need to be with the IOC?

a. We’re already better than anyone else – we’re just increasing our combat capability and paving the road for those who will follow. IOC is not our bar, maximizing combat capability with the assets we have is our bar for success.

5. What do you think Moody, and the Airmen, get out of high-profile visits like the one we just had with Maj. Gen. Hawkins?

a. Distinguished Visitors come to Moody AFB so they can see what we are doing and how we are getting things done. When it comes to Lead Wing and Agile Combat Employment – the Airmen of the 23 WG and 93 AGOW lead the way in explaining the difference between PowerPoint briefs and reality. During high profile visits Moody airmen get the opportunity to shape the path of the future Air Force and Senior Leaders get a chance to walk amongst warfighters.