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Weapon security is a must

A photo of a weapon.

Securing firearms is essential to the safety of all Airmen on Moody Air Force Base. The mission of Moody Air Force Base Antiterrorism Integrated Defense Plan is to provide safety and security with regard to POWs on the installation. (Courtesy Photo)


Airmen at Moody who use personal firearms should be aware of the most recent guidance on storage and transit.


As a part of the Moody Air Force Base Antiterrorism Integrated Defense Plan (ATIDP), the restrictions are as follows:


  1. Airmen residing in the dormitories will not store firearms in their rooms or personally owned vehicles (POV).
  2. Individuals temporarily assigned to Moody will not store personally owned weapons (POW) in any lodging facility or in their vehicles.
  3. Individuals will not remove their weapon from storage inside their vehicle for any purpose on the installation.



The 23rd Security Forces Squadron is the mandated storage repository for the firearms of these individuals.


With regard to carrying POWs in a POV, only qualified federal, state, or local law enforcement officers performing official duty are allowed to routinely carry a POW in their vehicle.


To be exempt from this law, anyone 21 years or older and permanently assigned to Moody Air Force Base must legally possess a Georgia Weapons Carry License (WCL) permit or a WCL permit from another state with reciprocity to Georgia. The individual must have an endorsed memorandum from their commander and register the POW with an Air Force Form 1314, Firearms Registration, and Defense Department Form 2760, Qualification to Possess Firearms or Ammunition.


“Although individuals are allowed to carry their weapons in their vehicle with proper documentation, they must disclose that they have a weapon to the 23rd SFS member at the gate before traveling onto base,” said Tech. Sgt. Joseph Sapikowski, 23rd SFS integrated defense manager.


Even with this exemption, there are other rules Airmen must follow:


  1. Under no circumstance will the POW be carried on the person.
  2. The individual, upon arrival at their initial on-base destination, will secure the POW in the vehicle and not remove the POW from its storage place until after departing the installation.
  3. POWs will be secured in an appropriate weapons case or vehicle compartment. A compartment could be but is not limited to a glove box, center console, lock box, etc. which hides the firearm.
  4. Storage is not to exceed a consecutive 12-hour period or the duration of established duty day.


In the instance that these laws are violated the consequences are as follows:


  1. Violation may result in permanent removal from the program while assigned at Moody Air Force Base.
  2. An active duty member will be subject to punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
  3. If the individual is a civilian or dependent, the POW shall be seized and secured pending the investigation.
  4. If a commander wishes to reinstate an individual’s privileges, the individual must reinitiate the entire WCL process.


It’s important that anyone who wishes to carry their POW in their vehicle complete the proper documentation, make sure it’s routed through their commander and keep copies in their vehicle, said Staff Sgt. David Outlon, 23rd SFS electronic security systems non-commissioned officer in charge.


If there are any questions, please contact 23rd SFS at 257-4374.