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Christmas Tree and Lighting Safety


It’s that wonderful time of the year again for celebrating Christmas. With Christmas soon approaching, everyone has most likely started decorating and preparing for the holiday. What most of us forget to remember is artificial vegetation, Christmas trees and electrical lighting can be dangerous fire hazards.

The Moody Air Force Base Fire Prevention Team has researched and provided the following safety tips from the National Fire Protection Association to ensure you have a safe and merry Christmas.

  • Artificial vegetation and artificial Christmas trees should be labeled, or otherwise identified, or certified by the manufacturer as being fire retardant.
  • Vegetation and Christmas trees should not obstruct corridors, exit ways or other means of egress.
  • Only manufacturer recommended electrical lights and wiring should be used on natural or artificial combustible vegetation, natural or artificial Christmas trees, and other similar decorations. 
  • Electrical lights should not be placed on or near metal artificial trees.
  • Open flames such as candles, lanterns, kerosene heaters and gas-fired heaters should not be located on or near combustible vegetation, Christmas trees or other similar combustible materials.
  • Combustible vegetation and natural cut Christmas trees should not be located near heating vents, or other fixed or portable heating devices, that could cause it to dry out prematurely or be ignited.
  • Where a natural cut tree is permitted, the bottom end of the trunk should be cut off with a straight fresh cut of at least half an inch above the end prior to placing the tree in a stand, allowing the tree to absorb water.
  • The tree should be placed in a suitable stand with water and the water level, checked at least once per day, should be maintained above the fresh cut.
  • The tree should be removed from the building immediately upon evidence of dryness.

Remember to stay safe this holiday season and if there are any concerns or questions, please contact the Moody Fire Prevention Team at 229-257-4410.