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How can I subscribe to military magazines?

Air Force Times                                  Air Power History
Subscriber Service Dept.                       Virginia Military Institute                                       
Springfield, Va. 22159                            George C. Marshall Library
1-800-368-5718                                       Lexington, Va. 24550

Airman Magazine                               Airpower Journal
New Orders Superintendent of Docs. New Orders Superintendent of Docs.
PO Box 371954                                        PO Box 371954
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15250                             Pittsburgh, Pa. 15250

AF Issues Book                                  Air Force Magazine
New Orders Superintendent of Docs.  1501 Lee Highway
PO Box 371954                                         Arlington, Va. 22209
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15250                              (703) 247-5800

Air Force online publicattions may be subscibed to at the following location, http://www.af.mil/subscribe/