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  • Airfield management oversees the flightline

    Dodging litter and animals while questioning the GPS’s directions to drive into a lake are some struggles faced during road trips. Without the Airmen from one support section, Moody’s fleet would face many of the same struggles on the flightline. The safety of Airmen depends not only on aircraft, but also the airfields they use. The 23d Operations Support Squadron’s airfield management section is responsible for the upkeep of runways and other airfield components. Airfield management specialists ensure all Moody’s takeoffs and landings proceed without incident.
  • A bond so strong they’ll trust their life to it

    Airmen from separate Air Force components took time to train and foster relationships that could potentially mean the difference between life and death during their upcoming deployment. For longer than a month, the 820th Base Defense Group and New York Air National Guard’s 105th Base Defense Squadron, based out of Stewart Air National Guard Base, New York, have trained hand-in-hand in preparation for their departure this week for partner deployments to Southwest Asia.