Moody joins Discord to streamline communication

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Jessica H. Smith
  • 23rd Wing Public Affairs

Moody leadership recognizes that with ever-changing generations of Airmen, there comes a need for changes in how people communicate. With that in mind, Team Moody has now joined the platform known as Discord.

The Moody AFB Discord server provides information channels, voice channels, text and chat channels, the option to host and attend virtual meetings, easy to use screen sharing capabilities and even spaces available for chatting while playing video games together.

Team Moody is taking this different communication approach to meet Airmen where they already are – Discord – with the hope that the users will feel more comfortable and confident in building real connections while stationed at Moody.

“For months, we’ve talked with our new Airmen about where they like to receive their information, and there’s an overwhelming amount of people who already use Discord to communicate and connect with each other,” said Col. Russ Cook, 23rd Wing commander. “We hope that with the Moody Discord server, we can share information that’s useful and relevant to our community and open a space where our Airmen and families can just hang out, chat, and provide feedback.”

With so many resources and support agencies on base, each with their own communication tools, Airmen can often miss or overlook important information. With Discord, all base resources and entities will have a place to publicize their information, while still maintaining the ability to use the platform as a launchpad to their external sites.

“Discord will definitely benefit everyone on the receiving end as it provides a single place for everyone to gather information from multiple sources, a one-stop-shop so to speak,” said Airman 1st Class Zach Ames, Airmen Committed to Excellence president. “Personally, I believe the use of Discord will open up the gate in terms of being able to streamline communication for certain information to one another, which just makes everything easier.”

A platform initially used by primarily gamers and IT professionals, Discord has evolved into something easily accessible and user-friendly for practically anyone with an internet connection, whether it be a business, education system or one of Air Combat Command’s Lead Wings.

“Discord is simply a digital media platform, and it seems to be next up in terms of what many people are already using,” Ames explained. “The biggest benefit of using this new tool will be accessibility – Discord comes as a computer program as well as a cellular application, which means that everyone is going to have access to information at their fingertips, almost wherever they are.”

The platform also offers the ability to meet the unique communication needs of Moody AFB by enabling the creation of more channels at a moment’s notice for any new group or entity needing a space to communicate – offering a tailored approach to sharing information within the Moody community.

Users have the ability to leisurely browse the different channels and determine what is most relevant and appealing to them. Users can create or mute push notifications for desired content, whether it’s the Chaplain Corps channel, a specific group or club meeting, or force support squadron events – it’s all customizable to the individual’s interests and needs.

As a young Airman, Ames believes if used to its full potential, the benefit of Discord and the flexibility it provides will be unmeasurable.

“When it comes to accomplishing a mission as a team, communication is key. I feel like this is really going to help Moody as whole build a solid base for readiness,” he said. “While it might not necessarily be mission essential, it is definitely going to be a tool that will help us succeed in staying the World’s Greatest Air and Space Force.”

However, in order to be effective, Wing leadership and Ames both express participation and feedback as key. Within the server, there’s a suggestions and concerns channel, with the hopes of hearing from Airmen at every level. The feedback goes directly to the server administrators, who are charged with making the server stronger and more focused on what Team Moody actually wants and needs.

“Given the current barriers that exist when it comes to communication, this is a huge step closer to synchronicity and autonomy among the ranks,” Ames said. “As with almost any technology, how successful and useful this becomes is heavily reliant on how we all use it – the more people who use it, the better it will become. I’m confident that if given an honest effort, it will definitely show it’s worth.”

Airmen and their families stationed at Moody can join by clicking on a smartphone or from a commercial network. New users will need to create and verify their account. The welcome screen will direct users to read and adhere to the server rules, and once on the server, check out the #start-here and #server-guide channels.

For more information about Discord or how to use it, call the 23rd Wing Public Affairs office at 229-257-4146. Airmen may sign up for Discord training/walkthrough every Tuesday at 1400 in the PA conference room.