23rd MDG launches new texting option for prescription activation

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Kelsey Monsaert

Tricare beneficiaries are now able to activate their new electronic prescriptions at the 23rd Medical Group’s Pharmacy with a few simple texts.

The Q-Anywhere text messaging service, launched on Dec. 1, allows beneficiaries to manage their electronic prescriptions from their mobile device using Remote Pharmacy Mobile Activation instead of calling in to the activation line. The activation phone line will still be available for beneficiaries but texting to activate is the latest tool offered to make filling prescriptions easier.

“Texting to activate new electronic prescriptions will help reduce the number of patients waiting on the phone and will allow Pharmacy staff to spend less time on the phone and more time working on prescriptions,” said Tech. Sgt. Jason Sampson, 23rd MDG pharmacy flight chief. “This service modernizes the way we do business and matches more with what our patients desire. We have struggled with phone service interruptions over the last year and this system will allow us to have multiple ways to meet our patients’ needs,” Sampson added. “At this time, this service is only for new electronic prescriptions and renewal prescriptions – refills will continue to go through the refill line.”

The process is quick and easy, he further explained. “How does text to activate work? When your provider writes you a prescription and electronically sends it to the Moody AFB Pharmacy, you need to activate it,” he said. “Just scan the QR code provided at the pharmacy or simply text ‘Get in line’ to 1-833-429-6949 and follow the steps you receive in the text message.”

Patients will be required to enter their Department of Defense Identification Number listed on their military ID or Common Access Card. The system will then activate any new electronic prescriptions received on file in the Pharmacy.

“The next step is just to watch your phone,” Sampson said. “You’ll receive a text message when your medication is ready for pickup.”

This service to activate your prescriptions is only available when the Pharmacy is open during pharmacy hours from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The Text Activation does not refill prescriptions; it only activates new electronic ones. Requests made before 3:30 p.m. will be available the same day.

“The 23rd Medical Group is always looking for ways to provide more options for our patients,” Sampson said. “We realize our patient’s time is valuable and we want patients to know we take their feedback and work to improve everywhere we can.”