Moody Welcome Center personalizes finance in-processing

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Jessica H. Smith-McMahan

After recognizing issues within the in-processing system, the 23rd Comptroller Squadron Finance Operations Flight worked to develop a comprehensive solution by creating a one-stop-shop approach, streamlining the process for Airmen and their families.

The way forward – the Moody Welcome Center, which opened in January of 2023, offers a hybrid version of customer service using a combination of the Comptroller Services Portal while also providing face-to-face services. Comptroller Airmen are now available throughout the week to work in-person with inbound Flying Tigers to help expedite their in-processing.

“To gather data on the identified problem, we conducted a base-wide survey soliciting feedback on finance as a whole. The survey results indicated that the primary issue was with our base-wide in-processing procedures,” explained Staff Sgt. Zachary Hogan, 23rd CPTS Financial Operations Flight financial operations supervisor. “To address this issue, we briefed all ranges from top to bottom, and with their input and the collaboration of MPF and unit command support staffs, we established a Welcome Center.”

While the Welcome Center is new to Moody, the concept came as inspiration from Hogan’s previous duty station.

“It's an awesome feeling knowing that you've got Airmen that are thinking outside the box and it's exactly what the Chief of Staff of the Air Force is talking about,” said Maj. Christopher Cook, 23rd CPTS commander. “It's taking a best practice from other bases and implementing it where you are.”

Although heavily focused on a standardized process for inbound personnel, this best practice also provides benefits throughout the finance world.

It's kind of two fold, Cook said. First it’s to ensure that in and outbound Armen have quality customer service. Secondly it allows the finance team to have separation on what they're focusing on, so things such as budget, military pay which are outside of the scope of in and out-processing can be equally focused on, he further explained.

The squadron was able to identify in-processing as a major issue and primary cause for secondary effects directly impacting Moody Airmen and their families. With delays of member in-processing for sometimes weeks or months, delinquencies trickled into more areas of finance causing pay issues, stress and lower performance records across the board, Hogan explained.

“This initiative ensures that members receive a streamlined and efficient experience when in-processing, allowing us to improve our overall performance and increase member satisfaction,” he said. “It eliminates the need for multiple exchanges with members and ensures that all necessary documentation is completed and submitted correctly, streamlining the process and increasing efficiency throughout.”

The squadron has found themselves being deemed the number one finance office in multiple categories across Air Combat Command after deciding to address the DoD-wide common problem by creating a Welcome Center.

“Now we're consistently either number one or number two in the MAJCOM. To go from the bottom third to the top third ... It's not only them in-processing people, reducing debts, reducing GTC delinquencies because they're getting people in-processed faster, but it's also improving the metrics over here where we've got budget metrics, we've got military pay metrics ...” Cook explained. “It is a huge win across the board because this team over here now focuses on doing their day-to-day duties, but it's also giving that team time to focus on their sole mission of in-processing out-processing people.”

Not only has this new process significantly benefitted the in and outbound Airmen, but it has also fostered innovation for Airmen at all ranks – allowing them to feel entrusted to make changes at every level.

“We've had a lot of initiatives – some good ideas, some bad ideas – and I am all about empowering those decisions to be made at the lowest level,” Cook said. “It's a huge win across the Air Force and it is all the effort of the team. It's just giving them the bandwidth and the freedom to maneuver. Go over there, set it up, make it happen. They come in – they crush it.”

The Moody Welcome Center is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information, please call 229-257-9263 or 229-257-9390.