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Faces of Moody

Airmen do amazing things every day and each Airman has a story. Faces of Moody is a series that will highlight Moody Air Force Base Airmen who are vital to mission success. Each week a portrait paired with a short story or quote, will provide a glimpse into the lives of Moody's unique Airmen ... one story at a time.


  • Airman 1st Class Taylor Bradley

    "I joined the Air Force because I wanted to travel. I'm from Orlando, Florida, so I didn't get very far. I worked in a lot of restaurants, just odd jobs, and went to school for a little bit before I joined. This is way more exciting. It's a new problem everyday - we're outside - I don't think I

  • Airman 1st Class Dominick Stogner

    “I enjoy basketball and working out in my free time. I have a three-month old daughter who started the at Child Development Center today so I’m just shooting some hoops. The hardest part of being a new dad is definitely sleep – well, trying to get sleep. Oh, and it’s expensive. It’s a lot more

  • Senior Airman William Ferris

    “Being Command Post you see everything that happens. The first 10 minutes after an incident are the most chaotic -- we’re busy calling and notifying everyone to get the ball rolling. You get to see so much more than the average Airmen. Even as a young Airman – I see the bigger picture. Every

  • Lt. Col. Kim Bowen and Master Sgt. John Davis

    "Spirituality is transcendent in nature. We understand that not everyone see themselves in the same way on a spiritual plane but the way we see spirituality suggests it taps into the very essence of life. There is something about the spiritual nature of a person that invariably affects their

  • Airman 1st Class Lance Morrison

    "I started doing automotive in high school. I just fell in love with the concept of working on engines or vehicles so when I joined I knew it was either going to be vehicle or jets. I prefer jets a lot better. The process takes about 28 days and putting it all back together is my favorite part. It

  • Rob Rybicky

    "I know that I'm servicing equipment that is providing quality, and honestly, realistic training to A-10 pilots before they deploy downrange for real missions. And after 22 years of maintaining aircraft avionics, this gives me a new appreciation for what an A-10 pilot goes through when they step

  • Tech. Sgt. Myisha Marks

    "I've been to nine different bases but what has been most memorable was my time coaching basketball. I played until I got hurt then I picked up coaching. I started coaching the men's basketball team in 2009. I was the first female African American coach at Spangdahlem. They always doubted that I

  • Master Sgt. Joe Holdcroft

    "As a young weapons troop, one of the greatest things is seeing the aircraft that I finished loading with munitions, come back from a combat sortie empty with all the munitions expended. There is no greater feeling of accomplishment than knowing that your hard work payed off."Now that I am a flight

  • Airman 1st Class Frank Epps Jr.

     "I volunteered for Honor Guard because we are all in the service, and to me, rendering honors to people who fought for the country and died is just very important. They deserve it and I feel honored to do it." (U.S. Air Force Airman 1st Class Frank Epps Jr., ceremonial guardsman from the 23d Wing)

  • Derrick Harris

    "Every time someone who has a DoD affiliation dies within a 29,000 square mile radius  of here, I assist with making sure their benefits are taken care of. To get my mind off of what I do, I like to bake. I love baking so much, every year I do a holiday tin that I give to a very short list of