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  • POL fuel yard gets first major upgrade since 50s

    The 23d Logistics Readiness Squadron (LRS) is currently overseeing the construction of the Petroleum, Oils and Lubricants (POL) fuels bulk storage yard, which is slated for completion Jan. 2019, here. As the first major upgrade since its original construction in the 1950s, the 23d LRS is modernizing the fuel yard’s infrastructure to improve fueling efficiency and provide faster turnaround for trucks.
  • Moody makes improvements to rescue assets

    The 23d Civil Engineer Squadron (CES) is currently managing the construction of the new Guardian Angel facilities, which is slated to begin, March 30, here. Guardian Angel includes personnel recovery specialists whose mission involves training Department of Defense members and conducting rescue-based operations. The base is improving their capabilities by building them new facilities to group the rescue assets closer together, so as to help better prepare for the future of their mission of saving lives.
  • Mitchell Gate reaches new standard in base protection

    The 23d Civil Engineer Squadron (CES) is currently managing the reconstruction of the Mitchell Gate, which is slated for completion July 14, here. The 23d CES partnered with civilian contractors to reconstruct the gate in an effort to improve the security posture with improved anti-terrorism force protection barriers.
  • Playground construction comes full swing

    The 23d Force Support Squadron (FSS) is currently reconstructing the Moody Inn playground, slated for completion, Jan. 26, here. The 23d FSS rebuilt and designed the new playground to improve quality of life and safety for Team Moody families.