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Child Development Center Closure

Team Moody

Moody’s Child Development Center (CDC) will not reopen Tuesday July, 7, 2020 as scheduled and will remain closed until Monday July 13, 2020, or until cleared by Public Health.

This decision is based on a second staff member testing positive for COVID-19 who had contact with other CDC staff but not children. However, this staff member had contact with other staff members who care for children. Parents of those children and fellow staff will be contacted if contact tracing shows a child may have been exposed.

At this time, this second case of COVID-19 at the CDC is believed to be unrelated to the positive employee from last week. Contact tracing conducted by 23d Medical Group’s Public Health Team shows no link. Each employee is believed to have contracted the virus from different social situations/events during off-duty hours.

Out of an abundance of caution, CDC employees experiencing symptoms or who come in contact of COVID positive patients are getting tested. While the majority of the CDC’s employees did not have prolonged contact with the second positive employee, testing is being done to ensure everyone is safe. The health and welfare of our Airmen and their families remain our top priority.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and our local Public Health Emergency Officers, coronavirus outbreaks among young children are uncommon and severe symptoms are considered rare in children. However, we are encouraging all individuals who have medical concerns about their children to contact the 23d Medical Group Pediatrics Clinic at (229) 257-2778.

Our main concern at this time is the health and safety of the children at the CDC, their families, and our staff members. The CDC has been cleaned and sanitized, and we will only re-open the facility when our Public Health experts conduct a reopening assessment and recommends it is safe for us to do so. At this time we do not expect the CDC to open before 13 July 2020.

Again, we realize the decision to keep the CDC closed for an additional week will not only affect the mission but have a huge impact on our Airmen’s and families’ ability to maintain a good work-life balance. Throughout this process our commanders have been informed and will coordinate with their personnel to support work and family schedules, if needed.

Over the last few months, the phrases “the new normal” or “risk-balanced operations” have been used quite a bit. The new normal is not just referring to life after the pandemic but the here and now – where this very contagious virus threatens the health of Team Moody.

As we continue to get after the mission while “living with COVID,” I wanted to implore you to follow Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidance, including practicing strict personal hygiene, social distancing and mask wear. This MUST continue to be a part of daily routines, both on and off duty. Remember what we do is more important than where we go! Stay Safe and Stay Ready!