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Moody Chapel Mission

The Moody AFB Chapel Teams provide world-class Warrior Care to our Flying Tigers and families, promoting spiritual fitness and resiliency at all times and in all places

Moody Chapel Vision

Visible and engaging Chapel Teams delivering targeted spiritual care to our warriors who attack, rescue, and prevail

General Information

The Moody AFB Chapel Team provides world class Warrior Care to our Flying Tigers and families, and promotes spiritual fitness and resiliency at all times and in all places.

We offer confidential counseling for life's challenges including work place stress, ethical decision making, relationship issues, spiritual matters, and much more.

We advise leadership on moral, morale, and ethical issues, and the accommodation of the free exercise of religion.

Protestant and Catholic worship is provided on base.

Contact us
You can contact us at any time by emailing or calling the chapel at 229-257-3211. You can also find us on Facebook here.

Our office hours are Monday through Friday 0730 to 1630.  If you need a chaplain after duty hours, call the command post at 257-3501.

Our mailing address is:
23 WG/HC
5120 Austin Ellipse
Moody AFB, GA 31699

Protestant Community

The Moody Protestant Community Worship Service is a blend of Contemporary, Traditional, and Gospel traditions that allows a wide variety of people to worship Christ.

Weekly Schedule

1130 Worship Service (Children's Church provided)
1130 Bible Study @ Golf Course
1200 Men's Bible Study @ SPOT
1800 AWANA (children and youth RE - September to May)
1200 Women's Bible Study

Unless otherwise stated all the events are located at the Chapel

93d AGOW Chapel

The religious support team or RST (consisting of one chaplain and one chaplain assistant) assigned to the AGOW has the primary focus of providing unit based ministry (visitations, weddings, funerals, counseling, retreats, etc.) to its 2,800 Airmen.  The AGOW RST can be reached by phone at 229-257-6320, 229-257-6322, or 229-292-7603 or by emailing

Catholic Community

Our faith community is dedicated to creating an environment of fellowship through worship, outreach, and services. Becoming part of our ministry is a great way to get to know people while becoming an active member of the church. In addition, service gives you a creative outlet to living your baptismal commitments, helps the parish in fulfilling its pastoral obligations, and gives us the opportunity to know you personally.

Our Website is located

Weekly Schedule


0930 Catholic Mass
1045 Catholic CCD and RCIA (Bldg 440)
1800 Youth Group
1130 Daily Mass
1130 Daily Mass
1730 Catholic Choir Rehearsal
1130 Daily Mass
1130 Daily Mass
1800 Fourth- week Baptism Class

Reconciliation - Sunday 0845 or by appointment

Unless otherwise stated all the events are located at the Chapel

Community Resources

Dorm Airmen
The fourth Tuesday of every month (except Nov, Dec) we have a free dinner at the Spot at 1800 provided by one of our local churches.

The Moody Chapel also offers many interfaith programs for various community groups as well as seminars, retreats, and other events. Please check our Facebook page or call us for upcoming events.

If you have other spiritual or religious needs, please contact the chapel.