93d Air Ground Operations Wing


The 93d Air Ground Operations Wing activated in 2008 and became the first wing to provide highly-trained ground combat forces capable of integrating air and space power into the ground scheme of fire and maneuver. The wing members conduct offensive and defensive ground combat operations worldwide to protect expeditionary aerospace forces with an airborne capability. At a moment's notice, they provide worldwide deployable, "first-in," fully integrated, multi-disciplined capabilities and provide the joint force commander airborne, air-mobile, air-land, and over-land insertion capability, and remain the joint expert on integration of air power and combat weather support to ground forces. They Provide Joint Force Commanders with expertise on the integration of air power and extend the Theater Air Control System for the Joint Forces Air Component Commander. Also providing highly trained forces capable of employing air power activities in close coordination with land operations, including combat weather support to land forces. All to rapidly deploy and conduct offensive and defensive ground combat operations worldwide to protect expeditionary forces anywhere, anytime The 93d AGOW is comprised of three operational groups, 17 squadrons, 10 detachments, 12 Operating locations at 20 locations with 18 host Air Force Base's owned by 7 MAJCOMs.


 820th Base Defense Group

The 820th Base Defense Group, based at Moody AFB, provides planning, training, equipping and preparation of the three security forces squadrons. They maintain a high operational tempo to support cyclic rotations of deployment, on-call, and reconstitution/training status. The 820th Combat Operations Squadron provides the 820th BDG the administrative structure and oversight necessary to meet continuing responsibilities of overseas contingency operations and ongoing high operations tempo at home station and overseas. They provide reachback for deployed warfighters and supports the reconstitution of redeploying squadrons. All personnel are ready to deploy at all times and maintain combat and specialty training standards.

   3d Air Support Operations Group

The 3d Air Support Operations Group (ASOG) is headquartered at Ft Hood, Texas, and the 18 ASOG is out of Pope Field, North Carolina. Together, they provide more than 1,500 air liaison officers, joint tactical air controllers, tactical air-control party members and Battlefield Weather Airmen to the Army. The 93d supports Army units at 20 GSU with 2,800 authorized airmen.